eDiscovery Overview

This course explains how eDiscovery interacts with the archive and where it fits in the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM). It provides instructions on where you search the archive, save your search criteria, and store and export your search results. The course shows you how to refine your search with analytics. It teaches how to create and manage person based and ad hoc legal holds. For clients that have purchased eDiscovery Analytics, this course will detail the use of Case Management, Targeted Assisted Review, and visualisation functions of search results. At the conclusion of the course you will receive reference material for future use.

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Course Style

Live Instructor Led. Face-to-Face or Attend-From-Any-Where

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What is included?

  • 1 day of training
  • Course material/Slides
  • Classroom training Or Attend-From-Any-Where
  • Training delivered by Professionals with enormous industry experience 
  • Total comprehensive exam preparation

What you will Learn?

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to make sure that your Users, IT Staff, and legal teams understand and can respond to the impact of increasingly eDiscovery technology. 
  • Learn how to respond correctly to an eDiscovery request so that you maximize the efficiency of response and minimize the costs involved
  • Gain knowledge of best practice in eDiscovery

Who should attend?

  • eDiscovery Analysts
  • eDiscovery Project managers
  • eDiscovery Consultants
  • eDiscovery Technicians/Specialists
  • Digital Investigators 
  • information managers
  • IT and computer forensic experts of all kinds
  • eDiscovery vendors employees

Course Dates

10 Jul, 2024
04 Sep, 2024
06 Nov, 2024

Course Outline

Lesson 1: eDiscovery Overview

This lesson provides an overview of eDiscovery and how it works. It presents where it fits in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) as well as its value and use by various roles.

Lesson 2: Search

This lesson teaches you how to search the Archive for selected messages and filter your search on selected criteria. It also teaches you how to save your search criteria for reuse to make additional searching more efficient.

Lesson 3: Analytics

This lesson teaches you how to run and interpret message analytics in eDiscovery.

Lesson 4: Folders

This lesson explains how to save search results in archive folders for future use, using the Folders interface.

Lesson 5: Legal Holds

This lesson teaches you how to create person-based and ad hoc legal holds. It also explains how legal holds work. You learn how to manage legal hold storage, disposition, modification, and versioning.

Lesson 6: Exporting

This lesson teaches you how to create and manage export jobs and their use. It also teaches you how to share export files.

Lesson 7: Case Management and Assisted Review

This lesson teaches the collaborative tools found within Case Management, as well as how to use Technology Assisted Review to identify responsive data within a large dataset.



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