Certificate in Information Security Management Principles, CISMP

This course covers the range of concepts, approaches and techniques that are applicable to BCS Certificate in Information Security Management Principles. 

The certificate is relevant to anyone requiring an understanding of Information Security Management Principles including those who have information security responsibilities as part of their day-to-day role, or who are thinking of moving into an information security or related function.

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Course Style

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What is included?

  • 5 days of training
  • Course material/Slides
  • Examination Fees
  • 98.3% Certification Success in First Attempt
  • Classroom training Or Attend-From-Any-Where
  • Training delivered by Professionals with enormous industry experience 
  • Total comprehensive exam preparation

What you will Learn?

  • Knowledge of the concepts relating to information security management (confidentiality, integrity, availability, vulnerability, threats, risks, countermeasures)
  • Understanding of current national legislation and regulations which impact upon information security management
  • Awareness of current national and international standards, frameworks and organisations which facilitate the management of information security
  • Understanding of the current business and common technical environments in which information security management has to operate
  • Knowledge of the categorisation, operation, and effectiveness of controls of different types and characteristics

Who should attend?

the certificate is relevant to anyone requiring an understanding of BCS Foundation Certificate in Information Security Management Principles as well as those with an interest in information security either as a potential career or as an additional part of their general business knowledge. It is very much a firm foundation on which other qualifications can be built or which provides a thorough general understanding to enable business to ensure their information is protected appropriately.

Course Dates

10 – 14 Jun, 2024
12 – 16 Aug, 2024
14 – 18 Oct, 2024

Course Outline

  • Information Security Management Principles
  • Information Risk
  • Information Security Framework 
  • Procedural/People Security Controls
  • Technical Security Controls
  • Software Development and Lifecycle
  • Physical and Environmental Security Controls 
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management
  • Other Technical Aspect


There are no formal entry requirements however, the candidate should have basic working IT knowledge and an awareness of the issues involved with security control activities.

The BCS CISMP certificate is in high demand in the united kingdom, and it is suitable for IT managers and those who are interested in Cyber security.

This is a starting point for training courses that cover subjects areas like software development, cyber security consultant, certified information security manager (CISM), Information systems, legal framework, risk management, etc.

The CISMP certificate is the base-level British Computer Society accredited foundation level course. It provides multiple benefits and pathways into other training courses.

Career, certification and Salary

How to start a career in cyber security with no experience – CISMP

Introduction to CISMP

The Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) is an established and internationally recognised foundation-level qualification. Acquiring the CISMP certification demonstrates that a candidate possesses sound knowledge of information security management.

Who Should Get CISMP?

Most IT professionals widely regard the BCS CISMP as the qualification of choice. The certification is recognised across the UK as an essential first echelon on the path towards a successful information security career. CISMP course is relevant to anyone requiring an understanding of information security management principles, including those with information security responsibilities as part of their daily role. The qualification is also suitable for candidates thinking of moving to information security or related function.

Most notably, the CISMP qualification is valuable to public sector security professionals. It is part of the CESG Certified Professional (CCP) scheme – the government’s approved cybersecurity competence standard.

Are you a business professional requiring good knowledge in security management? Then CISMP is for you. The qualification equips you with an understanding of the critical areas involved in information security management.

Other professionals who can benefit from CISMP include CISO, IT administrators, department heads, security forces, vulnerability and threat analysts, and policymakers.

What Will You Learn in CISMP Training?

The CISMP training course equips candidates with an understanding of the critical areas involved in information security management.

Some of the areas covered include:

  • IT security management principles – the need for and the benefits of information security
  • Information risk – threats to and vulnerabilities of information systems, risk management
  • Information security framework – organisation and responsibilities, organisational policy, standards and procedures, information security governance, information security implementation, legal framework
  • Procedural and People security controls – people, user access controls, communication, training and awareness
  • Network Security – protection from malicious software, IT infrastructure, networking
  • Technical security controls – testing, audit, review, systems development and support
  • Cloud computing
  • Software development and lifecycle
  • Securing the infrastructure – network design elements
  • Physical and environmental security controls
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity management

Prerequisites for CISMP Qualification

There are no formal entry requirements for CISMP. However, having basic working IT knowledge and awareness of the security control activities and issues is an added advantage.

Benefits of the CISMP Course 

CISMP provides security personnel and business leaders the opportunity to refresh or enhance their knowledge and gain an industry-recognised qualification. You can kick-start your career through CISMP qualification, upon which you can build advanced technical capabilities.  

After the 5-day BCS CISMP course, candidates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the concepts relating to information security. You will learn about the current national security protocols which impact information security management.

CISMP equips you with the awareness of current national and international cybersecurity standards, frameworks, and organisations that facilitate IT infrastructure management. You gain an understanding of the existing business and typical technical environments in which information security management must operate, including understanding the risk management and protection from malicious software. 

Overall, you earn a coveted qualification. CISMP is widely regarded as a qualification of choice for IT professionals and business leaders interested in information security management. You gain the knowledge required to manage information security, information assurance, and information risk-based processes.

The CISMP Exam

The CISMP exam contains 100 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must attend all the multiple-choice questions for eligibility as part of BCS, the chartered institute exam.

BCS allows additional time for candidates who have a disability or whose native language differs from the exam paper one. 

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