Direction Services

Security Blueprint

Security blueprint services are employed to get an overall picture of the network environment in order to make knowledgeable decisions regarding hardware and software upgrades.

Policy and Procedure

Policy and procedure services are employed to establish or improve corporate IT security policy. These services include assessing the current business and technical environment and requirements, and any existing policy & practices; development or enhancement of existing policy; and implementation of the policy ( including user education and training ).

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure design services are performed to develop a specific plan of action regarding disaster recovery. These services include an analysis of the current IT environment and security architecture; business and technical requirements; existing security policy; new and existing technology options; and design of an architecture that combines this analysis into comprehensive security architecture.

Implementation Planning

Implementation planning services involve creating a step-by-step solution to implementation specific to client needs.

Inspection Services

Business Requirement Analysis

Business requirement analysis services consist of a detailed review of the security posture of an organisation relative to its information assets. Services include a detailed assessment of both physical and logical protection measures and practices resulting in in-depth analysis of the organisation’s security effectiveness and efficiency.

Situation Analysis

Access point vulnerability and penetration analysis services identify weaknesses in entry points (access) to an enterprise’s networked information assets. These services incorporate controlled electronic probing and penetration of data and voice networks and analysis of access to information assets via vulnerable business processes, company employees and physical security.


Upon completion of Scanning services, the client will have a report that outlines the network vulnerabilities.

Firewall Audit

Firewall Vulnerability and Audit services are performed to determine if an organisation’s network gateway protection systems ( firewalls ) are configured, managed and secured in an optimal manner. These services incorporate controlled electronic probing and penetration testing, as well as a detailed hands-on review and audit of the firewall’s configuration and management, and comparison of firewall policies with industry standards.

Protection Services

Virtual Private Networking

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) services include the implementation of hardware and software systems that provide the security of a private, restricted-access network while actually using shared, public-access networks (like the Internet). This provides privileged communications using much more economical means than that of a private, dedicated network. These services include system design review, installation, configuration and support.

Public Key Infrastructure

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services consist of design and implementation of hardware and software systems that provide a basis for secure electronic communications through data encryption and user authentication. The primary objective of these systems is to manage the keys (random number used to decode messages) that are used both to identify (authenticate) the user and encrypt the communication.

Firewall Integration

Firewall Integration services provide installation and configuration of new and upgraded hardware and software systems that provide electronic security protection in a network environment. These services include systems design review, installation, configuration, integration with appropriate applications (like e-mail, FTP services, etc.), testing and on going support.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection services provide implementation of hardware and software systems that provide ‘real-time’ recognition of electronic attacks or assaults in a given network environment. These systems respond to electronic threats in a number of ways, including automatic reconfiguration of network gateways and alarm notification to operators for manual intervention. Services include system design review, installation, configuration, integration and support.

Consultancy In Network And IT Security

Consultancy in Network and IT Security

Most companies now realise that their most valuable asset is not held in the bank but on their computer system.The need to continually identify the ever-changing security threat and the finding of appropriate solutions is best left to specialists, whether in-house or delegated to an organisation like Net-Security Training.Only the best specialists make it into our Professional Services Team and they continue to earn the trust of our clients by the quality and consistency of the service we provide.

This is reflected and strengthened by our ability to enter into Consultancy Partnerships with key players in the world of IT Security.

Our comprehensive range of consulting services include :

  • Provider of staffing services – Recruitment Agency
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Solution Design and Planning
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Implementation
  • Firewall and security software configuration
  • PKI – Development, Customisation, Implementation