AWS Certified Developer Course

In this AWS Certified Developer associate course, you will learn how to use the applications using AWS SDK to develop secure and scalable cloud based applications. At the end of the certified developer associate exam, you gain AWS expertise. Use the AWS to get started om software developer position. The practise test will help you pass and gain hands on experience especially in the lambda API gateway.

We will explore how to interact with AWS developer associate exam using code and discuss key concepts, security best practices, and troubleshooting tips. The AWS developer associate certification includes cloud computing, serverless applications, amazon web services AWS, load balancer, web applications, cloud skills in real world, AWS cloudformation, solutions architect, write code, auto scaling in the cloud scaling tools, apache kafka, AWS security, serverless architecture, AWS free tier etc.

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Course Style

Live Instructor Led. Face-to-face or attend from anywhere.

Skill up and get certified, guaranteed

Exam Pass Guarantee

Exam Pass Guarantee

If you don’t pass your practice exams on the first attempt, You get to re-sit the certification exam courses for free

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your training at the end of the first day, you may withdraw and enroll in different Classroom courses.

Knowledge Transfer Guarantee

Knowledge Transfer Guarantee

High Impact Learning Solutions Designed for students to acquire skills and obtain certification. The AWS certifications provide the best learning path in the AWS cloud platform to guide you through the key features for the practice exam.

What is included?

  • 3 days of training to gain AWS certification.
  • Course material/Slides.
  • Classroom training or attend from anywhere.
  • Training delivered by Professionals with enormous industry experience.
  • Total comprehensive Developing on AWS service exam preparation.

What you will Learn?

  • Set up the AWS SDK and developer credentials for Java, C#/.NET, Python and JavaScript.
  • Interact with AWS services and develop solutions by using the AWS SDK.
  • Use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for service authentication.
  • Use Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon DynamoDB as data stores.
  • Integrate applications and data by using the AWS Lambda, Amazon API cloud applications, Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) and AWS CLI Step Functions.
  • Use Amazon Cognito for user authentication.
  • Use Amazon ElastiCache to improve application scalability.
  • Use containers in the development process.
  • Leverage the CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS

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Who should attend?

Individuals want to prepare and pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification.

Course Dates

12 -14 Jul, 2021
4 -6 Oct, 2021


In-depth working knowledge of at least one high-level programming language.

• Working knowledge of core AWS services and public cloud implementation.

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